Printmaking conclusion

This module has been very interesting as I have learnt new ways of printing and gathering my ideas. One print technique in particular is intaglio. I have enjoyed this thoroughly and learning a new printing method has really inspired me throughout the module. I have learnt to play around with ideas and not shy away from bold or new ideas. For example, using glass as a print, I think I have really expanded my scope of printing and also, through making a blog, I can see how I have developed and bettered my ideas.

Final Piece

As much as I thought it could be nice to leave it at my series of lino prints, I thought I could take this one step further. This idea however is quite conceptual rather than a tradditional print. I've debated with myself whether or not this could be classed as a print but I went ahead with it and I think my outcome has been successful:

Basically, I smashed a lightbulb and was taking images from it, and in some ways using my other drawing module by directly observing the glass and drawing from it then printing. However it was very difficult to obtain the effect I wanted so decided to stick the glass shards onto card. This is my final outcome and I am pleased with my results.

Lino : shattered glass

After much help from Caroline I decided to stick with the shattered glass and expand on that. My previous artist research has helped this, such as Cold Dark Matter.

This was my first print on black paper with white ink but i wanted to make it look even more fragile.

So here I used different types of medium to print on. I thought it would look really good on mirrored plastic but it was difficult to print on as the ink didn't stick to it properly. I still like the effect it creates though. Though I would have preferred it to be a better quality print. I am however quite please at my design outcome and thought this could bee my final piece; a series of lino prints of my shattered light bulb.

Invisible work

I did some more dry prints by just drawing the outline instead of actually printing it. I did this to show the fragility of the glass. I tried taking pictures of them but it just turned up white on my camera. I guess this fact enhances what I am trying to show with my series of dry prints.

My prints are in my portfolio though.