Intaglio Printing ptII (and process)

From my earlier  intaglio prints, i wanted to a little bit of a series (inspiration taken from Kate Bingaman Burt). So I did a couple more prints based on taking my lamp apart and drawing different parts of it.

 Here is where I inked my plate up. It's real cool because you have the ink which is really thick and then you add this weird jelly into it and it thins it out.

Here is my next design which I inked up. It shows the lamp with different components added and taken away.

Once the ink is put on, all the excess needs to come off so i used this material called scrim and then to get a really clean plate without removing the ink from the engraved parts, we were told to use this tracing paper which worked really well.

When that is done, it is put through this machine to press the ink onto the paper so you end up with your design. I like how I can always repeat the process again and again if it doesn't work out properly.

Here is my next design of the structure of my lamp. Mostly just the holder. I'm really pleased with this composition.

These are my 2 final prints of of the series of 3. I think they turned out well however , they do look a little flat. I'm not sure if tat's just the style I've chosen to draw them in or the images themselves. I am happy with the composition of my plates so overall I think these are a success and I'm pleased with how they turned out. I also like how I've done a series and they all go together well.